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Dea Ex Machina

Logging on to my email account, I was pleased to find a message from Evelyn, an ex-girlfriend, whom I hadn’t seen in years. Last I’d heard, Evelyn was married, with twins, living in San Francisco where she ran a store … Continue reading

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The Jew’s Tale

I wanted to get my watch fixed before I hung myself. The battery had run out weeks before, and I hadn’t the energy to replace it. Nor the money. And then I worked all month painting walls, loading trucks and … Continue reading

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The Procreant

Intimate Relationship #9.5 is pregnant. She informed me of this while we were eating lunch at a diner in West Hollywood. “We’re due in February!” “Wow,” I said. “That’s great.” “I can’t wait to tell my parents!” “I’m sure they’ll … Continue reading

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Praise Monkey

J- was sitting at his desk, at home, struggling, typing a report for The Patent Office when he heard a knock on his door. Must be my elderly neighbor, he assumed. Asking me to carry his groceries up the stairs … Continue reading

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The Blessed King

I was talking to Alan at the bagel shop one day when he told me he was thinking of killing himself. He’d had enough, he said. He was tired of living on the street. “All around me I’m surrounded by … Continue reading

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