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The Ballad of Tessie Felice

Behind her back, she was “One-Tit Tessie,” so-called after undergoing a mastectomy at the ripe old age of twenty-seven. “You should give her a call.” Arty from Philly told me about her. Tess was a friend of Arty’s wife, Lauren. … Continue reading

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Raskolnikov’s Horse

Los Angeles is a miserable town filled with miserable people who do miserable and degrading things for money. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar, a huckster, or a brainwashed retard with an autographed copy of Dianetics on his … Continue reading

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The Check

The check came in! Negotiated by the attorneys at Schmidt, Tanner, and Drudge, funded by a major Hollywood production company, endorsed by the good people at International Creative Management, carried via truck by the US Postal Service, all working together … Continue reading

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